Am I a sandbagger?

I’ve been using Zwift since launch, have over 10,000 miles on it. In the past, I was racing in A category races because my w/kg was in the low 4’s . Due to a Covid infection (I’m a long-haul suffer, yes it exists), I’ve not been able to ride at the same intensity. I’m gradually getting back into form. I’ve been racing in the B races recently since that seems way more appropriate and my numbers are more in line with that 3.8-4.0. I’m not sure I really understand classification since it can vary so much. I’m also 59, so there’s that too, but I’m not going to let age slow me down.

Is it generally accepted that you can downgrade yourself ?

Hi @Matt_von_Wahlde, I think there is a process for downgrading for medical reasons/rehab. @S_ticky_KRT can probably let you know what to do.

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A coupla things here Matt:

  1. Bummer about the infection. That really blows…
  2. A cat at 59? You are my hero! That’s impressive sh*t!
  3. You’ll get downgraded after a coupla months of B cat results. I was upgraded to B because I was able to generate that kind of power earlier in the year but I got sick (not Covid) and have struggled to regain form. After about two months of getting my ass kicked, they turned me into a C. I didn’t have to do anything except be slow, which I’m good at…

Haha, Thanks Mark. There are a lot of Cat A’s that are in their 50’s A lot of old timey racer types out there… Ironically, Originally, I had super mild Covid symptoms, but they keep coming back. Not enough to really feel like I am super sick, but enough to clearly see it in my heart rate and performance. My advice to everyone is not to get it…

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