Possible Level Unlocks

How about a tattoo for the 100 level unlock? You could use the sock option in the garage to add a Zwift tat to the calf… or just extend a sleeve in the jersey closet to create an arm tat. Seems that the unlocks are getting a little repetitive. Let’s spice it up a little bit!

Didn’t you hear, the level 100 unlock is actually a rickshaw ridden by Chris Froome, here is an artists impression of how it might look

It works a bit like an extended coffee break but you turn into a rickshaw and Chris Froome takes over pedalling - once you’ve been round 100 a few times you unlock Mark cavendish who can take over when you get to the sprints.

each time you go round 100 you get an extra 10 minutes rickshaw time.


Tattoo would be faster… :laughing:

Froome’s stem looks a little short. :laughing:

I want a flapping gilet and some road rash

you’ll get a longer stem when they unlock levels 101 to 150.

One of these please:

With special Meilenstein Obermeyer wheels. Much faster uphill than the existing Aethos bike.

We already have a classic ultimate frame, just needs different textures, different bars, THM brakes and crankset along with the Obermeyer wheels.