Canyon Inflite van der Poel version

Now with Mathieu van der Poel as the newest face for Zwift, wouldn’t it be cool to get his paint job version of the Canyon Inflite?

I’ve unlocked this bike recently and I would find it interesting to get that custom version. Maybe by completing a mission (like getting a certain amount of kms on dirt routes?).

In case you’re wondering how it looks like…

The cycling purist will point out that the paint job is earned by being the World Champion in CX. Therefore it would not be good etiquette for the ‘average Joe’ rider to own such a version.


Can’t argue with that, Martyn! Same case with seeing someone wearing the world champion jerseys or the national ones for real.

But regarding this is still a game and not real life, maybe you can make an exception for once hehe.
Also it has been a very long time that I’ve seen such a slick paint job for a champ.

Meh, cycling purists can do one. Pretentious twonks! :stuck_out_tongue: