Level 100

What happens when you reach level 100? A black hole that swallows you up, entering cyclists’ paradise or reborn as a baby cyclist…? :grin:

I guess the same as used to happen at the previous max level

Did the “extra special” level 100 unlock ever get revealed? Zwift said they would have something ready by the time anyone got to level 100… which only took about a month for some of those super users.

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That’s because it’s top secret. :wink:

Some of the folk I ride with are at 100 and it’s just the kit they have.

Unless the Colnago C60 hidden away in the frames folder has something to do with it…

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U start Level 100 again and again to collect XP according to ZI.

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Can we please get an update on what the second “special” unlock is…or will be?
Zwift promised it’ll be ready in time before anyone hit 100.
Ive seen couple of 100 shirts and im one ride away from hitting it myself.
Whats the special unlock pls

PS…unless its the white tron bike, gonna be disappointed

They reset all your stats to zero and remove all items from your garage and you start from level 1 again.


I’m going to spoil the fun above, there isn’t a special unlock aisde from the 100 kit.

The progress bar once you hit Level 100 will take a big jump but then it will just keep looping through from start to finish as you get more XP. Don’t rush to try and gain more XP, you won’t get anything. Just be happy you got to level 100.

I have been at level 100 for a while already. Now gone back to doing laps of Alpe du Zwift each day.

I’m saving the big Pretzel rides for the race to level 150. :wink:

Was there ever meant to be a big unlock or did people just think there would be?

there wasn’t anything special for 25, 50 or 60 when they were the highest level

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Zwift said there would be a special item but it wasn’t ready yet, assuming that never actually happened and now probably won’t?