Pop-Up problems spoiling the graphics

From the September release, 1.0.55226, on my AppleTV, I’ve suddenly got very intrusive pop-up occurring in gameplay where there was nothing obvious before.

So graphical elements, e.g. trees, buildings, basically everything, are now intrusively popping up into view at a short distance in an ugly fashion, instead of subtly appearing in the distance and then getting closer.

It never used to be like this. I’ve never noticed any particular pop-up issues in the past.

This is not specific to any particular course or map, and it happens all the time. It’s very annoying and makes the graphics look really amateurish.

Something must have been changed in the latest release to cause this.

Same here on Windows, Ultra profile. I saw it on the prior version of the game as well, but it’s certainly a recent issue. Pop-up as mentioned, and objects noticeably jumping to higher levels of detail when you’re close, which is distracting. Seen it on multiple worlds, and it’s most apparent when passing under arches as the LOD changes from a bunch of obviously straight lines to a smooth curve.

See the following for an example from my ride last night (warning, don’t look if you haven’t already noticed this! :rofl:): https://imgur.com/a/aOBmZk1

Per Wikipedia:

Lod is a city in Israel.
Lod, LOD and LoD may also refer to:
Law of Demeter, a design guideline for developing software
Legal Operations Detachment; see United States Army Reserve Legal Command
The Legend of Dragoon, a PlayStation role-playing game
Legacy of Darkness (disambiguation), multiple uses
Legion of Doom (disambiguation), multiple uses
Length on deck, a measurement of a ship over the deck from forward deck to the transom
Length of day
LOD, the length of a mean solar day in a uniform time scale such as International Atomic Time; see ΔT
Letter of demand (of payment), an instrument in debt collection
Level of detail, a computer graphics technique to adapt the detail of the displayed 3D object to the user needs
Limit of detection
Line of dance in Ballroom
Line of Duty, British police detective television series
Linked open data, using web technologies to link open data
Lod airport, a former name of Ben Gurion Airport, Lod, Israel
LOD score, logarithm of odds
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, an official expansion to the computer game Diablo II
Loss on drying
Lodi, Lombardy
Province of Lodi, in Italy
Last order date, a milestone in Product Life Cycle
Lod (crater), a crater in the Oxia Palus quadrangle of Mars
L.O.D. (EP), an EP by the American rapper Desiigner
Leading-one detector, a logic circuit used in computer arithmetic

I suppose the LOD reference on this forum recently is to “Level of detail?”

Ha, yeah. :wink:

It’s a system by which objects’ detail and quality changes based on demand and proximity.

In my example from London, the bridge jumped up in detail really noticeably and not until I was close. It was like the intermediate stages have been omitted. Pop up/in is where the object just appears from nowhere, which is what @Steve_Hammatt is referring to.

I think the previous poster was being deliberately obtuse. This happens to be the first hit I get for a Google search on lod:

In the world of Building Information Modeling (BIM), LOD stands for Level of Detail or Level of Development. It is a term used to describe the precision of a model.

Oh. Well anyway that’s what I’ve been seeing. I wondered whether it could be linked to the recent crashing, if a sudden appearance of objects in certain views (such as France, where a lot can be seen on the horizon most of the time) is overwhelming some systems.

i saw a lot of distant wireframe boxes yesterday in Paris. that wasn’t something i had been seeing previous weeks.

I assume you mean this - Black squares obscure Paris Map [September 2020]

I’m talking about a pop-up issue that affects all worlds and not just Paris and France.

ah, you are probably right. it looked kinda wire-frame-y to me, but i bet i have mixed the issues. nvm!

I looked for LOD issues this morning and didn’t notice any. In the past, I remember seeing LOD issues with the pedestrians in London. Briefcases, backpacks, umbrellas, and even hairdos would pop into existence. But I’m not even seeing that happen today.

Did you have a look at the images I linked to? That was the most obvious example I saw on my ride last night, there were others but I didn’t screenshot them.

Hmmm…I guess my Google is better than yours?

Does Google “learn” what links to put first in your search results from previous searches? I go to Wikipedia often, and it comes up often as the first result, and I click on the hyperlink and read the linked article there.

Yep @1506 , your browsing and search history influences results … but I’m not entirely sure where my first entry comes from (maybe google knows something I dont want to admit to!). The others fit my profile though.

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Spot the difference:

I’ve noticed lately that as avatars on the opposite side of the road get closer to me their workout screen infront of their bike will all of a sudden show up, I hadn’t noticed this in the past. Could be related.

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It’s the same issue IMO. Whether it’s deliberate or not I’m unsure but they’ve dialled down the distance at which things appear and/or increase in detail, and they’ve done it so much that the transitions are really jarring and obvious. So where you never used to notice the workout screens appear, now you do. I never used to notice the arch on Tower Bridge jump from an elongated hexagon to a semi-circle at such short proximity, now I do. I’ve got some ideas on what’s going on here; I hope it’s just a bug that will be ironed out but I doubt it.

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The bridges.

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