A Couple Long-standing Annoying Bugs

These happen on my Macbook Air & Apple TV 4k:

  1. New messages overlap and block the previous one(s). If a new message pops up, why can’t it appear below the last one and not directly on top of it?

  2. When climbing, the % grade profile extends off the top of the upper right of the screen. You can’t see where you are relative to the next section of the climb.

Are people on Windows systems having the same issues?

Thanks and happy new year to all!

If the messages are from the riders near you the message appears next to the rider if not is above the list and so they overlap if people message a lot. You can see them all in the messages part of the companion app though.

This is only on London and affects everyone, it has been a known issues for almost 2 years and shows no signs of being fixed.

Yes, it’s the same on windows where messages overlap. Actually it might be a good thing in large events like the tours. If all messages showed under each other you would have, sometimes, a constant stream of chat bubbles next to the rides nearby list. I think that would be worse.

I don’t think the gradient issue going off the screen effects windows however, I’ve not noticed it at least.

EDIT: it does effect windows too

I assume this is the London graph issue?

I think it is different. I’ve seen some posts with screen shots on the forums of what the OP is describing.

The issue you linked there is the one I mentioned.

Oh, gotchya, I thought you were always talking about how the little dot stays on the bottom of the graph and doesn’t go up along the slope like it does in other worlds.

I think the two are related. both only occur on London and started happening at the same time.

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Same issue.

I might almost miss it if they ever actually get round to sorting it.

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Thanks All - I was not aware it only occurs in London - I noticed it happened on Box Hill over the weekend, but didn’t really pay attention to all the previous times it happened to me in the past couple years.
As for the messages, it would be nice if they allowed, say, 3 or 4 messages to appear legible before they begin overlapping. When I’m in an event or group ride, even if there’s only one message from a rider ahead or behind (ie not nearby), the 2nd message overlaps it.