Poor resistance at the start - Wahoo Kicker + Zwift Companion

Poor resistance at the time of departure (Workout or SIM)
Environment: Wahoo Kickr V 2 + Companion on iPhone + display on Apple TV 4 (plasma TV).
At the start of a workout (ERG ON), I am unable to reach the requested power: it is totally unstable; in SIM mode, if I start on the flat and encounter a hill, the resistance does not change. I close everything I repeat one or two more times and here is the situation OK; then, no problem, whether in Workout or SIM for the entire duration of the ride.
In Wahoo’s opinion, the Kickr works fine (I agree, because once properly paired it’s perfect).
If I couple the Kickr directly to the Apple TV (without HRM), everything is OK; if pair the Kickr on the iOS App: OK.
The disorder is intermittent; it happens that I have to resume my departure several times; it happens that everything works at the first pairing …
I want this configuration which makes the game very realistic (large screen and good quality stereo sound!).
Thank you!!!

You should be able to connect both the Kickr and your HRM to the Apple TV directly. This is because the Kickr only uses a single BT connection for power/cadence/controllable, leaving a second one for your HRM.

I can’t connect on Apple TV:

  • Kickr
  • Candence
  • HRM (Garmin watch)
    Apple TV forces me to choose which one to “sacrifice”
    I have also driven for the last 4 years without HRM and I always paired directly on Apple TV; the addition of HRM forced me to go through Companion and that’s where the resistance problems appeared.

I’ve never heard of that before on a Kickr. Which model of Kickr is it exactly?