Apple 4K TV - no resistance control (incline or ERG mode) on Wahoo Kickr

(Lewis Cunningham) #1

Apple TV 4K + Wahoo Kickr 2017 + iPhone Companion App

Hi - since the latest Apple TV Zwift app update with Innsbruck, I am not getting any resistance control on my Wahoo Kicker. There is no change with inclines and ERG mode does not work

No problems with connecting to the app - it registers power and cadence, but is effectively not operating as a smart trainer, ie not automatic resistance changes

I have the latest firmware on the Kickr, latest Zwift app updates installed (tried deleting and reinstall the app) but no joy

Anyone else have this issue or seen a similar thread?

I have been able to connect to the iPad Zwift app with no issues on the same Kickr