Poor coverage in Australia

Beware - the ZWIFT

servers are on the West Coast of the USA and have poor connection for those of us in Australia so don’t be surprised if it sometimes takes a REALLY long time to get connected (sometimes you don’t get connected!)

This sounds more like an issue with your internet provider or local setup. I am based in Sydney and have never had any issues with the connection (i’m on the equivalent of the highest nbn connection). Updates take less than 1 minute to download and apply and I am yet to have any dropouts etc.

I’d recommend troubleshooting your connection int this order:

* Going to speedtest.net and comparing the numbers there to what is advertised by your ISP.

* Connecting using a physical cable rather than wifi, Speedtest.net again, note any increase, and try the game again.

* Restarting your modem, then Speedtest.net again,  note any increase, and try the game again.

* Calling your ISP to troubleshoot further if that doesn’t fix it.

Thank you Peter for that detailed response that I will action. I’m not sure that Telstra would have much interest in doing anything if they are not delivering what they claim.