Polar Training Plans for zwift

Would it be possible to use the created training plans in Polar flow for training in Zwift.

Hi Philip,

I’m not entirely sure how Polar structures their workouts and plans, but I’m guessing that it’s got a HR component - just because that’s typical of Polar. And Zwift doesn’t support HR-based workouts. Only TrainingPeaks and Today’s Plan offer sync of structured workouts with Zwift, and I think they may be the only ones that even offer basic export of files that work within our platform.

Not sure if that answers the question.



Zwift Designer


With Polar it is possible to create a plan that only consists of e.g [walking for 2 mins - running for 2 mins] repeat the last block 10 times. This would give a 40 minutes running session. Unfortunately you are correct it is not possible to export from polar.

It would be nice if Zwift had this posibility to create simple plans like this.


Jordan - how do I import a workout I create in Training Peaks to do in Zwift?

  1. Build workout using duration/%FTP (range or target both work fine here)
  2. Save
  3. Click “Export”
  4. Export ZWO
  5. Put the .zwo file in your Documents/Zwift/Workouts folder