Need to be able to export Zwift workouts

With spring/summer here I don’t want to be indoors riding on a trainer when it’s sunny outside. I really like the training plans and could honestly care less about the levels, bikes, points I earn in game. I pay for my Zwift subscription for 2 things:

  1. The workouts;

  2. The HUD display of the workout in a virtual world that beats watching a movie.

The options I have right now at my disposal are:

  1. Ride indoors on Zwift all the time even during the sunny weather (not gonna happen).

  2. Cancel my Zwift subscription during the summer and renew for the 2-3 months I really need it in the winter. (Zwift loses at least 9 months of payments if not the entire subscription).

  3. Sign up for Trainer Road and keep Zwift for the rainy/winter days. Use Trainer Road to create a workout based on the Zwift workouts which are made available online for free, import them to my Wahoo and do my workouts outside.(Don’t really like paying for 2 services).

  4. Sign up for Trainer Road and cancel Zwift entirely. Use Trainer Road to create a workout based on the Zwift workouts which are made available online for free, import them to my Wahoo and do my workouts outside and inside just without the virtual world.

It’s nothing for you to allow us to export those files. The technology is there as you currently allow TR files to go into Zwift. My Wahoo Elemnt accepts files to be imported from:

  1. Training Peaks
  2. Today’s Plan
  3. Komoot
  4. PowerTraxx
  5. Cycling Analytics
  6. Web4Trainer
  7. Sport Tracks
  8. 2PEAK Dynamic Trainings

Why isn’t Zwift #9?

I’d like this same feature. Right now, I’m considering signing up for Training Peaks and buying a workout so that I can download it to either Zwift or my Elemnt, however this introduces yet another tools to sync. As stated above, I’d much rather export my Zwift workout to my Elemnt, as I am a recreational cyclist and don’t need the extra features of TP. Please add it to your feature list!

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while i agree this would be handy, there is a pretty easy workaround.

in the workout screen, once you’ve highlighted the workout you want, you’ll see the little copy or clone button

clicking that opens the workout up as a custom workout and allows you to save it as is (or add to it/take from it if you want). this will save the workout into your workouts folder inside your zwift folder.

from there you can upload it to wherever. kind of a workaround, but what’s important is that it works.

oh, it’s worth noting that this only works from a computer, as far as i know. just like creating custom workouts, can’t do that from your phone.

+1 for me.

+1, I would like to start from some zwift workouts and change them in trainingpeaks in function of my own plan/phase/goal

Most of them are here

I think you can edit a workout and it will save in your workouts folder, I have to check this.

EDIT: I checked and it work, you can take a zwift workout and edit it and it will save in you custom workouts, and on your pc.


I already use this page to select a workout which comes close to what I am supposed to do (like cadence drills or muscular endurance) but I don’t now how to edit and save them here. Maybe it works when you are in zwift and then copy/edit the wanted workout?
But just downloading the .FIT and edit this in trainingpeaks according to my own goals would be a bit more conveinient.

You can edit workouts in the Zwift app on PC and Mac.

You can also use to do it offline.

Ah thx!

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Bauwens Jeroen

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It would be nice to export the training plans and do at your leisure also, you cannot export individual workouts within training plans.


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I’m about to start a plan. I was wondering if it would be possible to simply run Zwift on my phone and put the phone on the bike for outdoor workouts. The phone has ANT+ and bluetooth, so sensor connection shouldn’t be a problem.