PNS No Jersey After event


Anyone do the Pas Normal Ride ? I finished it and did not get the jersey. Help please.

It looks like this is a jersey unlock ride or should be yes Pas Normal Studios Winter Resolution Zwift Ride - The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App

Assuming you completed the full ride and didn’t quit early then this normally requires contacting Zwift directly to resolve. They may see your post here (sometimes) but often not so you might be best contacting them directly at

Hi @Alex_Tolome_HELLS_50

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Something seem a bit strange on your ride:


Contact Zwift support and give them a link to the activity.

Same, rode 55 km in 93 mins, get nothin’

Hi @Aksel_Pirvo

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Looking at your profile it look like the activity did not save.

Best is to contact they may be able to help you.