Please let me plug in the IP addresses in for my devices

I would like the option to just plug in the IP addresses of my wifi connected systems. I am a network engineer by trade and I can say I have a single SSID and broadcast domain. It is frustrating and silly to have to troubleshoot autoconnect flakiness. I waste more time troubleshooting than riding, Rebooting to fix these days is rediculous.

I know the IPs of my tablet, phone and watch. Just let me configure it already.

and yes, my devices have the latest and fully supported operating systems and app versions.

Zwift uses whichever IP address you have on your devices. It does have some specific ports it uses and the only IP requirement is that your Companion App and Zwift app reside on the same network (subnet).

What’s the flakiness issues you are having?

The companion app isn’t detected by my tablet and even my watch connectivity will be flakey. I just wanted to plug in the IPs in Zwift that everything uses so I can stop troubleshooting whatever audiodiscovery mechanism it has.

Gotcha. Unfortunately, it’s not the way it works. Some of the suggestions I see is to turn cell data off (on phone) to ensure you are using wifi (or if your phone has settings to find best data path, turn that off so its not bouncing), or simply put into airplane mode. Make sure the assigned ip (be that DHCP or manual) is the same subnet as your Zwift App.

Zwift listens for your Companion App on port 21587 but I’d suggest you open any firewalls temporarily while troubleshooting. Here’s Zwifts guide on ports etc.

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