mobile app

mobile app on android does not allow you to do the things you mention in your welcome email… 

 While in game, make sure your mobile device is running on the same WiFi network as your Zwift station. You can check out your live stats, follow your favorite riders and interact with other Zwifters with animations, sound bites, messages and encourage them with Ride Ons!


Any suggestions?   the app comes up but these options are not available.

The majority of the time this is because your phone is not on the same network as your PC.


Note this isn’t the same as wifi network - it means the same IP address range. e.g. your home network might be 192.168.0.x and your PC is using that, but if your access point is giving your phone a different address in a different range it won’t work.



There’s another issue which has come up recently: Make sure your username does not have a leading or trailing space if you cut and paste that into the app to log in.

There’s another Bug/Feature Request to address stripping this in the mobile app, so that should show up in the next versions when they’re shipped. 

I have the same issue. From my macbook pro I can telnet to port 21587 of my mobile phone’s ip address.

Strangely when my wife uses her iphone and macbook air on the same network it works perfectly.

So I think the problem is with the android app.

Any other stuff that I need to check?

BTW, I also tried pairing my wife’s macbook air and my android device but did not work. 

So it’s definitely a bug on the android app.