Can't get Personal, Data or Gestures on iPhone app...

I’ve installed the app on both an iphone 6 (ios 8.1.2) and an ipad 2 (8.1.1).

The app (1.0 (17)has installed and connected to Zwift server. When I log in I can see who is currently riding, but that is as far as it goes. If I join the ride, the number of people riding increments by one, so it has detected me joining the game but my name does not show up. The only functionality I seem to have is to log in and out of the app, no other options or swipe screens to get to the gestures etc.

I know it’s probably finger trouble, but am I the only one with this problem?



Tony - I just tried it this morning and it when I joined the ride, it went right to the stats screen (from the riders list screen). Connectivity issue maybe?

Joining the ride through the PC, then viewing on the App. I can’t actually see a way of joining the ride via the app? I have a single page that says “Remote Access” at the top. I was thinking it might be connectivity or account authentication issues, but then it doesn’t explain why the number of riders increments bu one when I join, yet doesn’t show me as a new rider…

Not sure if it makes any difference but my apple ID email (used for Test Flight) is different to my Zwift ID email?

Hi Tony –

To pair the mobile app with the game, they both need to be on the same sub-net, which for most people will mean that they need to be on the same wifi-network. At that point, pairing should be pretty automatic, when you are logged in to both the app and the game using the same account.

If your game computer is connected to your network with an ethernet cable, this should work as well.

The key is that the router needs to be willing to route UDP traffic between nodes on the same sub-network.

One of our Zwift staffers lives in a big apartment building where he gets his Wifi as a building amenity through a service called Natural Wireless. In his case, he actually needed to book a service visit with Natural Wirelss, as explained in their FAQ about wireless printers. The issue, in case someone is facing something similar, is that Natural Wireless does not permit wireless traffic between nodes for security reasons. This can be overcome by buying a wireless router, and having Natural Wireless hook up a wireless repeater.

Hope that helps. If not, please book a support ticket, and we can try and sort it out with your log files.

Ride on,


So I’m in the same boat with Tony. I was able to log into my account from my iPhone 6+, but not able to do anything else at all. No taps, swipes, long taps, etc., did anything at all. I now see above that you need to be logged into both for the extra functionality, but I did think you might want to know that another user had successfully logged in at least.


Hi Blake –

We have a lot of plans for the “un-paired” state of the app that will make it a lot more interesting. For now, though, you can “pull-to-refresh” the list of riders.


OK, that makes sense - my PC is running on a dedicated broadband line with no wireless for maximum speed, and my iphone is either on another wireless system or just on 4G LTE. Obviously there is some correspondance between using the same login on both devices as that’s why I can’t see myself join on the iphone, even though the number of riders goes up.

Am going to run the zwift on a windows 8 laptop across the common wifi, and take a look at comparative screen performance also - on my graphics workstation it’s pretty flawless, will be interesting to see how the Surface works…

OK - set it up on a second PC running on a common WiFi point and it works perfectly, so conclusion is it needs to be on the same sub-net, as Alarik suggested.
Ryan has opened a thread in tips and troubleshooting requesting a manual, I wonder if these kind of things should somehow be pasted into a “read this first” sticky like in other forums, so that as the Beta grows people aren’t asking the same question?

Having the same issue across iOS and Andriod. Even connected the phones to a hotspot created by the computer running Zwift. All i can see on the phone is the other riders currently logged in