Mobile App - Manually type PC IP address to connect

New to Zwift and Zwift app on iPhone 6+ and iOS 9.1 won’t connect to PC Zwift app.  PC via cable and iPhone via WIFI.  So give an option in the mobile app to manually enter the PC IP address if needed to make contact.

This comes to mind as I recently bought an XBOX One and the related SmartGlass app has the ability to manually type the IP address and that got it working on my setup.  This may be helpful for others where the PC isn’t on WIFI.

As extra info, my PC is connected to my incoming internet via WIFI router with the WIFI turned off (older router) and a newer WIFI router wired to old router  doing the work.  Old router doing DHCP and new router doing pass through (allowing the old router to do DHCP).  Maybe it’s just a strange setup.  Anyway, being able to enter the PC IP address should help resolve this issue.  Mobile app is useless so far for me.

If it is possible to turn of your mobile connection when running zwift, this might aid in connecting.  I have a Samsung Note 5 Android via Verizon and found the only way I could get the app to work was by actually disabling my mobile network for data during my ride.  This was true even though my phone was connected to the same wireless network as my PC and was set to only use my wireless network for data.