Please create a Results page!

(G Gonzalez-Stephens Ph.D.) #1

The closure of Zwiftpower illustrates a major gaffe on Zwift. 

You provide live “results” (on the road) and a screen at the end if of the race and then that is it. 

No results available anywhere. 

Results were only found on Zwiftpower. 


Create a results page on your pull down menu. 

List races with links to click for results. 

(Paul Allen) #2

Zwiftpower will be back up and running sometime next week.

(Nick Keat) #3

Thanks zwiftpower people, I love the site, but zwift also neeeds to do this internally. and sort our the GDPR issues!

(Steve Barwin) #4

Ever since the temporary closure of ZwiftPower results page there have been forecasts and re-forecasts on the return date which has been frustrating.  Both Zwift and ZwiftPower should pick an achievable date and meet it. 

(Gerrie Delport) #5

Steve you know well that things are never that simple, they have to test and fix bugs. I am sure they are doing their best.