Zwift Power

I am having issues seeing the race data in Zwift Power. Is there another way to see the outcome of the race?


Is everyone got the same issue with ZP ATM?

Hi, I am not able to register for Zwift power as it says registrations are closed

I’ve been unable to see my profile or past results since Tuesday; right after finishing Stage 5 of Tour De Zwift.

Hopefully our results are still available somewhere and ZP is able to restore service. It’s such a great site; kudo’s to the volunteers that run it!

The same here, looked at the Zwiftpower forum: strange topics, maybe their hacked or something?

Hi, i can’t see any results on my zwift power, I’ve logged in correctly, registered, still have issue.  Please fix.  thanks.  gary roversi


Zwift does not run, your best bet is to try contacting them on Facebook Racing.