[Play] Exiting pairing screen closes Zwift App (July 2023)

Last night, after taking some time away from Zwift, I thought I’d give troubleshooting the Zwift Play another try (heard there was a new update that was supposed to make connections more stable). While I had no trouble connecting to the Zwift Companion App for the latest firmware update (I believe this is the 2nd firmware update I’ve done), once I got into the Zwift App itself, I could only manage to get one controller connected (either to my pc directly via bluetooth or through the companion app bridge with my phone parked right between the two Play controllers on a garmin mount). Oddly, it wasn’t always the same one. I’ve had this happen a bunch (which led to me taking the time off from Zwift).

What did surprise me though, was that, every time I went to the pairing screen to see if I could fix the connection while on a free ride, clicking the “OK” button on the bottom of the pairing screen completely closed the Zwift app without warning. Is this a known problem (clicking OK to exit from the pairing screen while in world closing Zwift)?

Well, after the most recent update (version 1.44), the game crashing when I hit OK to exit the pairing screen didn’t happen, so I hope this weird issue/bug/whatever was resolved.