Platform crashing

Over the past 2 months, the platform has crashed multiple times on differnet computers. Game is freezing, increase in power drops. I have had it with the platform crashing. I have checked internet connection, no VPN, It is not the firewall, It is not the trainer connection. It is not a proxy server, It is not Windows defender. Again it is happening on different computers. Anyone know what is happening at Zwift. I cannot continue on Zwift if this is how it is going to work.

Hi @Paul_Wright_CLS_C

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Crashing on PC is not normal.

Can you give us more details about your setup and how does it crash?

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I had crashes on my Windows 11 computer that were caused by the Nvidia graphics driver. Since I changed the driver to the current Studio driver version from the Game Ready driver version I had no crashes anymore. Graphics driver is often the cause for Zwift crashes.


@Dave_ZPCMR Recommends an ATV device at times like this… :grin:

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I’ve tried many different Nvidia drivers, none made any difference to stability or performance whatsoever. In fact for new PC builds these days I just use the one Windows Update gives over the internet without doing anything, and that’s what I do for my own rig. Couldn’t even tell you what version it is, but it’s absolutely fine.

Sometimes reinstalling the driver helps for some people, but I’ve literally never needed to do this.

Edit: I’m on Windows 10, that might be the difference.

OP’s problem is probably a 10th/11th gen iGPU.

I’m on Windows 11 - I’ll occasionally have crashes, but I’m actually overloading the video card. It only happens in either Makuri or France when I’m running 2 copies of the game + OBS + other software to do a broadcast… Watopia is fine, as are the other older worlds.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a crash of the Zwift application.

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Hi @Paul_Wright_CLS_C welcome to Zwift forums.

It’s difficult to troubleshoot your specific crashed on this public forum. It helps to see your Windows systems logs, Zwift game logs and launcher logs, depending on when the crash occurs.

For one-on-one help from Zwift Support - we need to have you contact us and email those log files to us.