Pizza socks needs redesign

Am I the only one here annoyed with the fact that the pizza socks that we unlock with the monthly 10 000 kcal challenge need redesign since other player can’t even see the pizzas because of their location on their respective sock? It’s quite frustrating to receive a prize so hardly unlocked and not being able to show it properly in the game. I think it’s a legit design issue that could be easily fix and that it should be addressed. Please I am curious what the community has to say regarding sometimes poorly designed game unlockable.


Yeah, I wore them for a day or two and switched back. Nothing special, just collectible. Pizza should be on the back, not the side. Oh well. I like my Academy socks better.

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I was disappointed, also. I was actually hoping for multiple pizza slices on the socks. Something like socks witty large dots, only pizza slices, instead.

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Personally, I’m much more concerned about things affecting where and how we ride than some socks to be honest.

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Just be glad, we have socks and don’t need to ride barefoot :wink:

I agree with you. It should be multiples pizzas or atleast one on the back of the socks.

I hope game designer see this post. :crossed_fingers:t2:


I mean that’s a whole other conversation.

just came across this post. i have been feeling this for a year. those socks need more slices!