Pinnicle HC Turbo Trainer - Freehubs

Hi All,

Hope the Zwift forum might help with this - Pinnicle HC Turbo trainer - sold by Evens/Sports Direct etc. but basically with zero follow up support! OK reviews for what is probablle the cheapest lower-end turbo out there.
I am trying to figure out a replacement freehub for the turbo, evens basically selling something without any knowledge advise for replacement parts including the freehub. So trying to figure out if i can use freehub from another turbo that might fit it, also as a bit of warning to others who down the line are trying to seek a replacement hub!
From what i can tell it has a fair cheap shimano freehub on it with a 17mm axle diameter through the centre and 3x ratchet teeth. It’s secured by an end bolt, and from what i can tell looks pretty much simular to the Zwift/Kickr turbos. Can someone advise what the axle diamter is of these, and are the Zwift/kickr core turbos interchangable in terms of the freehub?