Personal Record Outfit

If you set a personal record do you get an icon next to your name and an outfit change? Is there a way to disable that feature?

No, you would need to be the fastest overall on the segment.


My outfit keeps changing to a blue outfit with a “speed arrow” and I keep getting that icon. Idk I’m just trying to do my ride with my selected avatar setup. I think it looks silly, and it kept distracting me when it would randomly happen.

Can you post an image of it.

Can you give us a run down of your setup.

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no. I think that’s the cone of shame. I don’t race yet

Do you have a picture because I have not seen a Kit change except if you do group rides or if you win the KOM or Sprint Jersey.

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if you do the jungle loop odds are you will experience it. My legs are beat and i didnt get and cant find a photo of it. My jersey just changes blue with a blue zig zag speed arrow design on the shirt. I get a little icon next to my name.

Ill be doing the ride again wednesday. I’ll try to grab a photo of it.

There is also a lap jersey for the fastest rider on the Jungle Circuit loop in either direction.

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I looked at your ride and yes you got the Jungle Loop Jersey, congratulations.

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I dont actually have this unlocked in my outfit. My guy always randomly changes into this while riding and gets this icon.

It’s not random, it’s when you are the fastest on the Jungle Loop. You also don’t get to keep it.

Is their an achievement or anything else associated with it?

any idea what the icon means? maybe you could link me an icon breakdown legend.

No, you get the Jersey and the icon next to your name until someone beats you or an hour has elapsed.

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The icon mean you were the fasted on the Jungle Loop, just like the jersey.

Zwift Insider is very helpful.


@George_Armstrong: Also, not a ‘speed arrow’. It is a small icon representing the Mayan Temple ruins that you ride past on the Jungle Loop.


ah. The blue pyramid reminded me of Fzero and mario kart speed strips.