Personal Record Outfit

As mentioned, Zwift insider did a good write up about this (here) with a list and example of the different jerseys you can wear as segment/lap/climb leader (or until an hour has passed and your time will drop off the leaderboard).

Zwift’s support site also has a somewhat-incomplete-now list of jerseys and segments (though not all leaderboards/timed segments have their own jersey - broad street on richmond for instance has a leaderboard, but no leader jersey) which is available here, though the Zwift Insider link is slightly more comprehensive to be honest.

If you don’t want the jersey, make a u-turn and ride the reverse direction.

Or just go slower! :rofl:


unfortunately i think i was the only time for the track. so if u hit unpopular segments then u get slapped with a ridiculous jersey for an hour.