Periodic FPS drop on ZWIFT

Hi all!
since i startet zwifting I face the issue of a periodic drop of the FPS during the activities. Thanks to Mike Hanney’s great work I was finally able to visualise the problem on Zwiftalizer

Has anyone of you seen something ike this before? (and knows a solution to it?)


What antivirus are you running, some will slaughter the FPS, some years back i was fool enough to use one called bullguard, kicked the fps down as low as 2 on one occasion, removed it went to windows defender and no more problems

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Hi Martin, I use Windows Defender only.

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Hi all,
so far I figrued out, that the CPU usage in the low-fps periods is also very low and rises in perios with high-fps.

The GPU looks similar. During low-fps it avarages aroun 80%, followed by one significant drop to 0% and a constant 100%

there is no such behabior on RAM or harddrive.
Further the whole system lags during low-fps, task manager takes some seconds to open up.
Windows event manager does not show any particular events when the fps drop or rise. At least in standard view.

Any other ideas?

The whole issue absolutely ruins my experience and destroys my motivation :frowning:
I am only using erg mode and watching a movie, because it’s not worth looking at the scenery :confused:

I am investigating if overheating of my laptop may cause the issue. The GPU and CPU temperatures are remarkably high.


turned may laptop upside down and cooled it with my zwift fan from 16:29 on - no further fps drops observed. Now it’s a hardware issue. Not sure if I should be happy or frustrated :wink:

keywords: AMD Ryzen 5800U, thermal throttling, overheating,i Lenovo IdeaPad 5 Pro 14ACN6

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Good find. A laptop cooling pad could sort that out pretty quickly.