Peddle harder on climbs but no increase in speed

I have a tacx vortex but recently I’ve noticed when riding a climb 3-4% and above no matter how hard I go max speed about 4mph and power not changing much. Any ideas thanks

@Sacha_Wix: Thanks for reaching out, we will need a bit more info.

What bike are you using
What platform (pc or mac or IOs)
What are your cadence when this happen.
what are the power number on the climb.

What are your watts before you pedal harder and when you pedal harder?

Like @Gerrie_Delport is trying to get at, a lot more info is needed.

Your problem looks similar to these issues?

I think the solution boils down to:

  • Tire Pressure 100-110 PSI
  • Dedicated Trainer Tire
  • Make sure when calibrating against the tacx app your tire is warmed up and your roller is on the tight side (the app shows the calibration marker closer to the right hand limit)


Thanks for your reply

Cadence is about 80 - 90 and Watts were about 190 prior to climbing kept cadence up but power drops and I seem to be going backwards. Been using zwift for a couple of months now and sure it was good when started using it. Also using zwift on windows platform



Thanks for that I’ll check all the calibration settings and give it another go

Update: Had a ride up epic kom this morning much more realistic thanks people for your advice