Pedals/pedal arms clunking

I just hooked my fuse up to the Wahoo direct drive trainer. I have 1x12 set up with a 30T front ring. I get to spots where my pedals are clunking/slapping like there isn’t enough tension on the system. I do not have erg mode on. Is this just settings? Do I need a bigger front ring?

Hi @jason_lemon

Is this happening in workouts and free rides.

A 30 is pretty small.

If it is workout mode only then you can increase the resistance using incline on the companion app or the ± buttons on your keyboard.

I have only tried free ride so far. I also did a ramp test. Didn’t happen in ramp test.

Just did a spin down and that helped. Also moved difficulty to 100%

If it happens in free ride then it’s because of the small chainring. I can’t imagine using a 30 on Zwift

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Which Wahoo trainer is it Jason?

Gerrie is spot on re 30t chainring. I’m a MTB’er and sorted the gearing fairly promptly when I started with Zwift. If you have a Kickr, you should be able to adjust your wheel circumference inside the Wahoo app to its max (3.5 or 3.7m I think). I’ve not done the maths but you wont be spinning out.

Thanks. I am a beginner for sure but as a guy that deals with mechanical stuff and electronics for work I had a feeling that was it. It does it sometimes on actual rides too so I think I will bump the ring up to a 34 or 36 and see how that does.

I bought the core.