Pedal hard to Turn

I am new here. Just got my Zwift Hub. Did the update and riding but the pedals are hard to turn. Using QR. Support has details on pedals not turning but thats not my case. I guess you could say the resistance is too high. I am turning the pedals by hand and thats hard. As noted I am new, is there a setting somewhere that will make this normal? Thanks for your help.

Hi @Enroy_Vickers , welcome to the forums. It is normal that there is some resistance on the pedals, and it can be hard to turn them by hand. I have a Wahoo Kickr 2018 and it also is hard to turn by hand, but can be done. If you are completely unable to get the pedals to move, then something else is going on.

Have you paired the Hub to Zwift and tried starting a ride, just try a free ride on any flat route, no workouts or training plans. Does that work ok?

There might also be less resistance if the trainer is unplugged from power. Try it and see.

Thanks for the reply. Its the same hard resistance when its powered or not.