Payment Gateway


Can someone help me on this. im having an error message during my payment.

“An error has occurred sending your payment information to the gateway, please verify the information entered”

I entered the correct information required. but nothings help. Is there any issue with zwift internal payment gateway? i already emailed zwift support team and still waiting their response.

Thank you

yeah same problem here.
waiting for zwift support answer my ticket.
I’ve already tried 2 CCs from mobile or laptop still wont work.
hope zwift solve the issue and reply tickets

having the same problem. Chat support was not able to provide a solution.

I have tried 4 computers, 2 at home, 2 at work. I have tried 3 browsers Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Chrome. I have turned off firewall and anti-virus. I have tried from a cell phone.

I have reentered the billing information from a billing statement for the credit card, even though the only change to the card was a new expiration date and security code.

I have tried a different credit card.

I really do not think the problem is on my end at this point.

Has anyone who has had this problem found a solution? Please let me know

try using pay pal method. it works for me

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did anybody got an answer?
same issue here, tryed diferent browsers, different cards, private browsing, clearing cache, change password…
it seems there is something profile related and not credit card related

Same problem and zwift support don’t give a solution

I was able to pay with mbway.
Somehow ir seems to be a blacklist behind