Pausing Zwift

I’m pausing my zwift membership until they decide to deliver a GUI that is worth the money their members are paying for. The level of arrogance they display, not only by ignoring paying members but also by the low level of support is astonishing, to say the least, but that just goes to show what you can get away with when you capture enough of a market share. In the years I have been paying zwift they have not resolved a single issue via communication, some disappeared after time while others just became the norm.

And then I keep asking myself - how is it possible that a few simple (but crucial) GUI shortcoming cannot be resolve for years? Bad design from the ground up? Apparently, the delay (years) is being blamed on COVID. The sudden influx of members has put a strain on their resources but unfortunately, this only highlights other arrogant behaviour - GREED! If your member number increase to the extent that your service suffers surely you can put back some of that profit to upskill/up staff to help your paying customer? But I suppose it is better to pocket the money right?

So let’s see what happens in another 3-4 years. I subscribed to two different platforms for just a tad more than I am paying zwift. From what I can tell neither of them adds flowers weekly or spend months sorting out faded jersey colours but that is OK, I can live with that :wink:

Actually not. By pocketing the money I was not referring to any specific stakeholder group but to the fact that instead of addressing user concerns they would rather pay dividends, a very shortsighted business view but unfortunately one they can get away with because of their market share and 99% of their subscriber putting up with this crap. But nice use of a Venn, I’m impressed. If zwift showed this type of initiative we would not be having this conversation.


Yeah, it’s not about dividends, it’s about increasing the valuation of the company before an IPO or other liquidity event. The users are basically just numbers in a magical spreadsheet at this point.

We could debate finances, spreadsheets etc. for ages bottom line is I really do not care. If I piss out money I expect to get something for it, one of those things is a voice and support. Voice - pumping out updates means little if the basics are not delivered. HTF do you not deliver the most voted feature (that should have been available since day 1) for YEARS? Because of COVID? How do you find it acceptable to have a SLA to support issues of 20+day but mostly never? How do you implement a support system with no accountability? None of the issues I have ever raised were resolved but I cannot quote reference numbers because THERE ARE NONE!

make sure you cancel it, pausing is only for 8 weeks I think.