Stop the fighting

I completely get it that the transition between the personal owned Zwiftpower and the more Public Zwift did not go as smooth as each of the party wanted, and I do get that both parties wants to use our data as negotiation tools, but please, guys, ladies, nobi’s, can you get to an agreement?
If not, there are a lot of IT people on Zwift who are willing to build a new thing from scratch if we can get the API’s.

Please stop the fighting. Please start the fun again. This is why we are here for.

How do you know there is fighting between Zwiftpower and Zwift? As far as I know the former Zwiftpower owners already handed over everything to Zwift HQ.

And just now; 30 minutes ago, one of the biggest Zwift Race organisers announced ZHR Zwift Club is quiting as well… I don’t think there’s fighting between former Zwiftpower owner and Zwift HQ. It seems like many race organizers are getting frustrated with Zwift HQ, just like former Zwiftpower owners got frustrated and quit last summer.


What fighting? Zwift own ZwiftPower, nobody else has any responsibility for it. ZP going to bits is all of their own making, and something virtually everyone predicted would happen when they took over nearly six months ago.


Why should the community have to step in? Zwift have hundreds of millions of dollars.

As my mum used to say to me “you break it, you pay for it”


Mike, just because a company has millions of dollars, doesn’t mean they have millions of dollars they can spend on anything they like. It could (theoretically) be that all money is already designated for other Zwift projects/features and nothing’s left for Zwiftpower.

However, if I would have to invest in Zwift, I would only do it, if Zwift commits to keeping up Zwift racing for the broad community. The current trend is that they are only losing market share over the past months to competing platforms. Still Zwift is my favorite online cycling game, but if they continue frustrating race leaders, event organizers and community websites like Zwiftpower, I’m afraid another platform is going to take over in the future as the #1 online cycling game.

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They didn’t have to spend million dollars on zp. They could easily support it with far less. Instead they forced them to merge and from that moment on its downhill, disaster after disaster. They are moving like a headless rider.


Saying there are “a lot of IT people” who can “build a new thing” if they can “get the APIs” is like saying that a bunch of able-bodied individuals can build a house if they get the tools and the construction plans: it sounds plausible until you actually try.

Even in the unlikely scenario that the community can “get the APIs”, nothing better will come of it if the response times of said APIs is as slow as we suspect it is considering the recent performance from the web site. All of that without even discussing all the legal aspects of handling personal data, not to mention who will pay for the hardware that will run the system.

I’m with you in spirit, but there’s a lot more to building a robust system than getting a few “IT people” together.


Speaking of “building new things”, what would be really interesting would be an open-source e-racing platform (without excessive suckitude, obvs), if only to give Zwift & co a run for their money and act as a source of inspiration. Plus a transparent physics model (and everything else open to audit as well to ensure race integrity) wouldn’t be too bad either…