Pause the run while jumping of treadmill


I have access to two treadmills. One with Runn treadmill sensore and one with Treadtracker treadmill sensore. So the speed my avatar in zwift is running at are always the speed of the treadmill, nomather if im on the treadmill or not.

So to the issue. If im feks. running short intervalls like 45/15 (45sek on the treadmill and 15sek of the tradmill) its very unpractical to sett the speed up and down between each intervall.

Is it a way to pause the workout fast when I jump of the tradmill? And start it fast again when i jump on the treadmill?

I woud love to have the opportunity to pause zwift workout fast, så the avatar/speed in zwift stops or go to 1km/t and heartrate- and time data still beeng recorded.

Hope there is or will be a sulution for this :slight_smile:

Best Regards