Can zwift make it that Avatar stop running when no cadence?

I have a bluetooth treadmill and if i run intervalls and jump off the mill the avatar keeps on running.

Can they add a setting that if its no cadence its not moving?

Or is this something they have?

Stop the treadmill, if its moving, it will read a cadence. Or get a run pod that attaches to your laces and will sence your running and not the treadmill

Run pod i have bad experience with.
And the mill take some time to get the speed.

Go to the pairing screen as this will stop you dead. Then when you get back on and come out the pairing screen you’ll be a the same pace.

I have a mini keyboard so you can just press A on the keyboard.


Thanks, that totally slipped my mind as I mainly bike now and hardly run/walk. I do use it to brake while riding, so I should have thought of that

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Ha, when you’ve hit A accidentally in the middle of a race you never forget.