Partner view issue

Minor issue.
As you can see on picture i got symbole issue with the partner.
I was close to Cadence but I have symbole like if I shall join or wait.
Issue fixed when I was I front of the group.
I saw message “wait … with distance” , when partner were back no more symbols.
My configuration : Appel TV 4K.
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Hi @Lucien_Didot_FR

Thanks for reporting this issue.

I’m sorry to say that I don’t personally have enough understanding of the pace partners UI in order to properly diagnose your issue. I’ve reached out to subject matter experts on our team in order to get more information, and I’m waiting to hear back. Thanks!

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Not worry, for me this is not really important.
I just want to report what i saw.
If you sent informations to the right team, you can close this topic.
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Understood, and yes, I did pass this along to the team. Thanks again!

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