Partial ride upload, ipad battery died

Dear Team,
I was using Zwift Companion on my iphone along with Zwift on my ipad connected with Tacx trainer.
8 minutes into the ride, ipad battery died (I wasn’t aware it was not charging).
8 minute ride automatically got saved and it uploaded. Once I got my ipad to restart again it seemed I was resuming the ride I started. I rode for another 1 hour and 22 minutes - Paused the ride on Companion and ended the ride on my ipad. No ride was uploaded to strava. Only zwift shows the full ride with average data BUT data details are upto the 8 minute mark only. Although I have the average stats for the full ride e.g. avg power, avg heart rate, full distance, full time of the ride etc.
I looked at the fit files - it shows (1KB) and two fit files with different time stamps though by the file size it seems the first 8 minutues data is only available. I tried everything but unable to retrieve the data.
I am recovering from a serious illness and the exact data for the heart (bpm) and power would be really useful.

There’s another near identical thread running like this.

I think the result is that you’ve just the 2nd portion of your rides data. When Zwift recovers and resumes a ride it seems that it doesn’t fully restore data.

I had the same problem today. Would love to recover the data.