Pairing with speed sensor from a laptop

Has anyone else had signal problems when pairing there speed sensor with a laptop?

It seems to work fine pairing it to my phone but the signal is really weak when connecting to my laptop?

I use Wahpp Speed 3A1F?

I would prefer to connect to my laptop as the screen is much better when using zwift?

Just wondered if anyone had any tips or similar problems in the past.


If your speed sensor is ANT+ i would suggest getting a usb extension cable and a ANT+ dongle.

Other option is a extension cable and a Bluetooth dongle.

In addition to what Gerrie said, laptops often have a hard life and it’s quite possible that the Bluetooth antenna inside your laptop is broken, hence the short range.

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Thanks Gerrie, I will look into that.

Thanks Steve, so would what Gerrie said still be a good an option…or are you suggesting a new laptop!

Gerrie’s advice is spot-on as usual. If you’re wanting to use any other BT devices and have this same range problem, then you could disable the on-board BT and use a BT dongle.

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:+1: Thanks Steve

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You might try a different USB port.
I discovered the one I always used became defective or broken.

Thanks Tim

You do not say whether Windows or iOS but from my experience BT in Windows is horrific. Ant+ has been much more stable and is my wireless protocol of choice.

Thanks Chris, it is windows where I had the issue. Thanks for replying to me.