ANT+ Bluetooth Connection Issue

(Jeff Buske (EXPO) 1024) #1

I got everything Synced today and could see my readings on the sync screen. When I started to ride my speed went to 0 and I lost connection. I closed out and went back to the sync screen. Everything Wahoo Kicker, Ant+ Heart Rate, Ant+ Cadence Sensor but I could not get readings. The heart would pick up on and off.

(Chuck Kozlowski ZSUNR) #2

Consider adding a usb extension cable and place the ant+ sensor closer to the bike

(Joel Dudgeon) #3

If you’re using a laptop and have multiple USB ports, try moving the ANT+ dongle around. If I plug my Garmin ANT+ dongle into the port on the right-side of my Sony VAIO Z, my Kickr signal is “poor” and I get frequent signal drop outs; my ANT+ HR and cadence devices are fine though. I moved the ANT+ dongle to the left-side of the laptop and now the signal is solid and reads as “good” to “excellent” in TrainerRoad; didn’t change the laptop’s position at all. Maybe you’re getting some interference.

A USB extension cable is also a great idea if your laptop is relatively far away from the Kickr.