Pairing Screen Crash Report

Hello, here is a clip of my crash for reference:

Sorry for the music and overlay, this was me setting up my stream

What is happening:
a) I Launch Zwift and have BOTH my Assioma duo pedals and my Elite Direto-XR AWAKE
b) The Assioma pedals AUTOMATICALLY jump into my power slot BEFORE clicking anything
c) I try to pair my trainer, however, it cannot pair until it pairs into POWER
d) I go to UNPAIR the pedals, but when I do my game FREEZES
e) No crash file is created in my directory

Is this known? Is there a fix?

The only way I circumvent this is by very quickly selecting ‘Search’ for the power source before the Assioma pedals automatically connect. There’s about a 2-4 second window I have most of the time.


Although it’s slightly different to the recent issue that caused this can you follow the language fix to see if somehow that’s been causing it?

Failing that i suspect you might need to delete your XML files that handle device pairing.

ill give it a go tonight!

Just incase, where do I find these XML files in my game directory?

I have had this from time to time. I think you might be trying to do it all too quickly.

do you pair your pedals as cadence too? if so let them pair to both, wait for a bit and then unpair them and pair the trainer as power source and then controllable and then unpair the trainer from power and re-pair the pedals.

pairing bluetooth is a bit of a pain.

got it, ill try this too
thank you