"Paired Devices" screen freezing. Windows 10 Pro

As of last night, I suddenly started experiencing problems with the “Paired Devices” screen. I have had a couple of rides since the Makuri update without issue, but now it freezes up on me, making it painful to try and pair my devices:

The UI works intermittently, but only for a mere second at most. So, the “search” and “Okay” buttons can be used, but it takes me forever to get everything set up. It is extremely frustrating. When on the “Paired Devices” page, the window sometimes toggles between full screen and windowed without me actually doing anything.

I’ve tried to “Skip” pairing at the beginning of the loading process for the software and then pair from the next screen or during an activity, but the same problems occur.

I’ve also tried restarting Zwift, restarting my PC, reinstalling Zwift, updating blue tooth driver, disabling blue tooth completely and nothing is working.

I am using Windows 10 Pro as my operating system. Saris H3 trainer and have an Ant+ dongle for my left crank 4iiii power meter and HR meter just as an FYI.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Test it without your ANT+ stick plugged in.


I thought I had tried this already, but I didn’t. This worked. I was also able to just plug the Ant+ back in and have it work along with the bluetooth. Thanks!

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Don’t ask me what causes it. I suspect the driver crashes or something and it needs restarting. Never had it happen to me. Glad you’re sorted though. If it goes again, try a different USB port.

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