Pairing Devices Screen is now laggy

Hey folks,

My pairing devices screen is laggy. It just started last night. I do believe I have done a ride since the last update.

When I first get to the pairing devices screen, is will find my devices, but not the heart monitor. I find I often have to hit search to find it anyways. My monitor is a Garmin so it is on Ant+

When I click buttons, it is several seconds before the click is recognized. However once I am out of the screen it is find. I can ride just fine, but when I go back into the pair devices screen it happens again.

Often zwift will crash on me as a result. Here is some other info:

  • I reinstalled Zwift.
  • I use a windows laptop (Surface Pro)
    = NeoTacx II trainer on bluetooth.
  • Garmin Heart Monitor on Ant+
  • When I ride on Zwift I also track on my Garmin Edge 820.
  • I have never had this issue before.

I race on the Tuesday NIght League so I am really hoping to get this solved.



I got it figured out. Not sure what happened, but when I pulled and replaced the ANT_ dongle everything worked just fine…