Glitching Pairing Screen

I have had issues where my pairing screen will fail to open and load properly with the program “Not Responding” several times. When this occurs, Zwift does not find all my devices and has difficulty pairing. Usually restarting my PC will fix this temporarily.

Recently, I have more often had this error occur while in a ride with a “Connection Failure” notice. When I attempt to go to the pairing screen, it is the same glitchy problem as above. A couple of times I have been able to switch from Ant+ to Bluetooth pairing and it will connect and read data, but when i do this Zwift nearly completely breaks where all avatars disappear whenever I am pedaling and reappear once I start coasting.

I have uninstalled and deleted all Zwift files and cleared caches and history on all browsers twice, but the pairing screen issue is still happening after I have reinstalled Zwift.