Intense Lag on Paired Devices Screen

When ever I load into Zwift the Pairing Devices screen going to 1 frame every 10-15s and goes away the instant I go to any other screen. In game I get great FPS just the pairing device screen.

Says Zwift (Not responding) in top left on and off

i7 7700HQ
1060 6GB
Bluetooth and Ant +
Latest Windows version 1.32.1
Internet seems good, not a problem. Using Saris h3 Bluetooth and Fenix 5x heart rate connection over Ant+

Update: After messing around resetting Ant+ might have fixed it? Wasn’t fixed by resetting PC initially. Removed Ant+ dongle and reset drivers. Tried to fix it in the past by re installing graphics drivers. Didn’t work. I think I recreated the issue. Ant+ dongle connecting and disconnecting repeatedly causes app to crash I think. Not sure if it’s a hardware or software issue. The paired devices screen lags for a second when connecting an ant+ device. I think this is that times 100.

Please provide a full rundown of your setup.

Done, edited original post

Someone reported a similar issue, it was caused by a faulty ANT stick.