ZWIFT is Suddenly Freezing after entering pairing mode after Launched

Its Freezing and i cant press anybutton,already did some reinstal and instal twice,but didnt fix it.
Anyone encounter it.?
And how we can Fix this bug.?
I running on Windows 10
There is no problem before. Just want to do uber pretzel today with my friends but zwift ruined it :smiling_face_with_tear:.
We still can ride but need waiting for a long time to enter the Main Menu.
Please fix this.

Some have reported success after unplugging or disabling ANT+ and Bluetooth adapters and reinserting them or reenabling them. I haven’t run into this personally so I don’t have a precise procedure for you but I think @Arend_teRaa may know…

That’s what seemed to work for me and I’ve seen others mention it. Unplug ANT+ and Bluetooth (while Windows is running), start Zwift, close Zwift, plug things back in was roughly what I did.

Okay thanks tomorrow i will try it.hope that works😄

Okay thanks i will try it😄