Pairing my devices

I am ubale to pair any devices from my iphone or mac. It just searches and never finds my HRM or speed and cadence sensors. Any help is appreciated as I cannot get any response from swift

What are the make and model of the sensors?

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Are they ANT+ or bluetooth sensors? I think the iphone will only work with bluetooth, correct me if I’m wrong. I use Windows 10 and Android, so not much experience with the iOS devices.

You can get an ANT+ dongle for your mac however, and that might be the solution if the sensors are ANT+ only.

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You are correct, Apple telephones only support Bluetooth.

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I am using garmin speed and cadence sensors along with my garmin HRM. I have both the bluetooth and an ANT on my computer. Just bluetooth on my iphone. My computer doesn’t even let me get to the search screen

Do you mean you can’t get to this screen?


Yes, I can’t get to that on the computer… I can on my iphone but it just searches and never finds the devices…

Do you see the ANT+ Icon top left with the Circle when searching.

Are you sure your sensors are awake and the batteries are charged. Can you test the sensors with your cycling computer?

Are the Ant+ dongle close to the sensors?

Tried the sensors on my garmin and they all work.
On my phone I see the wifi with circles moving.
The Ant is right next to the bike.
Can’t get to the search screen on the computer. Is there a way to get to that?

What do you see when Zwift start up, that should be the first screen you see.

It comes up with my previous rides

Can you post a screen shot I am a bit lost, sorry.

sounds like you are going to the website, not opening the game application.

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When i click on my profile it comes up with my name. It says Activity Feed on the top of the screen

not sure how to do that…

Is this what you are seeing?

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that’s exactly it

Ok, that is the website See the orange DOWNLOAD button on the top right next to your profile, you need to download the game application and then install it to get on Zwift. You can’t access the game from the website.

Once you have installed and updated to the latest version, give it a try and let us know if you run into any other issues.


great, thanks I’ll try that

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