Pairing issues - Pairing screen not showing on PC ( MacBookAir9,1)

Can’t go past the login screen on the pc. Saying login successful, but won’t switch to pairing screen.
Shut down the pc several times .
After 30 min of trying, it finally worked

Hi @Rob_Krenn, thanks for reporting the pairing issues. It’s great to know you finally managed to pair your device successfully.

I took a look at your logs server and found multiple log-ins in different devices (iPad,iPhone, and Mac) this could have possibly caused the issues. We don’t recommend this. Logging into multiple devices with the same account without properly logging out after finishing a session can cause several issues including; overall poor performance and issues with your data from previous sessions being overwritten. If you experience future-related issues, I would recommend you reset your game preferences. If you need help on how to do it please, review this article. Also, feel free to keep us posted on any updates.

Thanks for the reply. I have to use different sources, cause of isn’t always at my expose brighter the iPad. Been with Zwift since 5 years and never was an issue beforehand. Few weeks ago it was the first time ever and this morning the 2 nd time. Not bad for 5 years

Issues caused by multiple logins on different devices are among the most commonly reported problems here on the forum. Many of those problems happen silently so you may have already been bitten by them without noticing. If you take great care to log out and terminate the app on one device before switching to another one, you may be able to work around this limitation. Hopefully someday they will design a more graceful way to handle it.

Thanks Paul! Have reinstalled Zwift on the iPhone again, but couldn’t find the files to delete on the PC

The removal process for the PC is in this document: