Zwift does not respond after login and attempting to pair

This has happened twice in the last month. When I login and it takes me to the pairing screen. zwift becomes extremely slow and does not pair with my devices. I am using a PC with an ANT dongle. This happened a few weeks ago and I reinstalled twice, and this did not solve the issue. I started using my ipad to ride. After a few days, I checked and it logged in fine. It is now doing it again. I was using Google Chrome and thought that might be the issue. I uninstalled and set Edge as my default browser. When I logged in, a brief screen popped up warning me of an insecure connection. I got to the pairing screen and it hung again. I got out of Zwift and restarted it. Now it will not let me get past the login screen. I feel this is a Zwift issue, not my issue as it comes and goes. Zwift support is TERRIBLE and I cannot get a solution other than the typical canned respones. What happened to customer service? BTW, I can click on Skip Pairing and it will take me to the home page fine. As soon as I select pairing, it locks up again.