Pair two look keo powerpedals?

Hi folks.

Very happy about the BLE-support through the smartphonelink. But is it possible to pair both look keo power pedals through phone and the sensor dialogue on the computer? Don´t get that to work. So just half the power readings and not so competitive :slight_smile:

Second this!

I got a Kéo Power Essential now and power isn’t multiplied x2 (that’s default for a Polar device if only one power sensor is connected) so I am not competitive either :frowning:

I have the Keo power dual version that includes Bluetooth smart and ANT +.  I can only pair one pedal for now and the watts are cut in half making training inaccurate.  The pedals also have cadence built into them.


Do you know if we will be able to pair both pedals at a time or if only one pedal is connected can it double?




are there any news about this?

Always 1 pedal (1 device) only. ANT+ seems to handle 2 pedals master/slave like with 1 device paired. Don’t think they will change the whole pairing procedure for 2 BTLE pedals. The new Kéo should pair over ANT+ flawlessly, shouldn‘t it?