Multiple connection options…

Hi there,

I have a Kikr core and assioma duo pedals.

I use an ant+ dongle on PC.

Today I wanted to use only the Core as power source and controllable. I chose the FE-C option for both power and controllable and it seemed pretty spot on. Curious what the other Wahoo options are (I understand the Ant vs Bluetooth but there’s multiple Ant options for the trainer).

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The two ANT options are the classic ANT+ and the new ANT+FE-c. For smart trainers you should use the fe-c option.


Thank yo so much!

I also noticed with my pedals - that there are also two Ant options.

I have the Assioma Duos - would this be the dongle picking up the right and left pedal? Normally it would only show one.

The ANT+ FE-c is the newer protocol. It can do what ANT+ and do and a bit more. I would say for you pedal also use the FE-c option.

No the pedal only broadcast from one pedal.

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