Packet storm locks up user interface causing me to get dropped 96 km into an endurance ride!

Hi support team

I did the SZR Endurance Ride this morning. It didn’t “feel right” from the start, with riders appearing and disappearing randomly.

At 96 km, my user interface locked up. I thought I had lost the whole ride, but I waited then grabbed my keyboard and switched focus on my monitors. It may be coincidental, it sprang back to life but I’d been dropped from the group (sad face as I spent the last half hour riding on my own but I did complete the ride and it saved ok).

So then I thought I’ll have a look at my log file. It’s massive, not a good sign.

At the 96 km point where the UI failed, the log file has 4,185 log entries in one second regarding “Received player packet older than 10 seconds”. So my UI was overwhelmed by a packet storm.

Something was happening with the connection, I also had 184,161 log entries with regards to “NETCLIENT:[ERROR] Failed to parse UDP StC”.

I reviewed my think broadband connection log (this pings from the outside) and it looked normal (no dropped packets on my internet connection). My speed tests on my internet are all healthy (100 mbps down, 10 mbps up, ping 10ms).

Is it me? Was I just unlucky? Don’t fancy that happening again and getting dropped during another endurance ride, thanks.

Could you guys look from your side?

I had the same thing happen yesterday with 1 mile to go in an hour long race. I was furious. why can’t they keep your wattage going for 10 seconds. The alt tab switching apps fixed mine, but it was too late.

Hi Scott

Have you still got the log file (likely unless you did ten rides since yesterday)?

EDIT I’ve just read your other post. The log file will help to see if it the same issue I had. Mine’s not a drop, it’s more like a DOS attack from the server to the client! Let’s help the developers!