(Ted Tedford) #1

Did anyone else have an issue tonight around 6:30pm CST. I was riding and after about 10 minutes everyone else disappeared and the screen froze. After a few seconds it came back but no other riders. About 30 minutes later the other riders came back. Then again no riders and freeze. Again it came back so I finished my 1 hour ride and saved it. When I checked it said partial ride with no mileage info. Also while I was riding even though I was alone the sprints and Kom’s still showed the other riders times but all my pr history showed just now even though some were from a couple of weeks ago.  There were about 350 riders on at the time. 

(Tom Coudyzer ( B) #2


Yes I had the same issue, just like a bunch of other people, according to the chat. Everything kept running with a few hick ups/screen locks for a few seconds. 

I also saw that the session wasn’t uploaded to Strava. I had to do this manually


(Bas Vroemen) #3

I am having issues with the app since 2 weeks now. Frozen app, 0 watt and other issues. It feels like the app has to many riders on it at the same time…

(Dave Musselwhite (M70/ZBR/TeamZF/PACK/RO) #4

@Tom  yes it happened to me around that time. System froze and all other riders disappeared.  Prior to that there were 300+ riders on the system but only 80-90 were showing on the iPhone App.